Dear Crayola,

Today we bought your colored bubbles. They seemed very magical and lovely...what a great idea! But then we actually tried to blow them and I was disillusioned. I wish I would have taken a picture of the park where we tried them out. The pink made it look like a battle ground (really resembled blood), and I am not entirely sure that after a day in the AZ sun that is going to come off the pavement easily. (It did wash off in the bath satisfactorily, and I haven't checked the laundry yet...) The bubble solution is a little thicker than normal and kind of gloopy for lack of a better word...it got everywhere! On my children's clothing, on the ground, the cap leaks when I put it back on, there was green dye on all of our hands, arms (because when you blow little flecks of bubble solution fly off), it was an all around big mess and to cap it all...the bubbles did not even blow well!

I confess myself disappointed...every other Crayola product I've had or tried, I have REALLY enjoyed (Color Wonder markers...amazing and they have saved my carpet!) but this one is a DO NOT BUY in my book. Better luck next time Crayola!


Clarissa B. said...

yea these totally suck and i don't like them either! there is purple all over my back porch!

Lacey said...

Good to know! I saw these and wondered how bright they would be. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

i got some of those bubbles and i was blowing them in my backyard and my dog started eating the bubbles (which he always does) and it got all over my dog!