The Forgotten Garden

i just finished a LOOOOONG book, The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.

i liked it.
it was a little confusing for me to get used to the jumps in time. she is basically telling three different story lines at the same time, and the only indication, at the start of the new chapter, is a small line of text mentioning the place and year. probably my inattention is more to blame than anything else, because, while i am a fast reader, some details go by the wayside as a result of a quick pace. i really liked the story line(s) and found the book overall to be very engaging and the writer very descriptive but not overly so. i have been pondering and pondering if there was any way to tell the story in a more linear manner, instead of jumping around, and in retrospect, i liked how all the different parts added up to give information at the needed time, it was just a little convoluted to me, while i was reading it. it's also quite long, five hundred forty something pages...when i expressed a little frustration over length (only because i had a time frame to get the book back to the library) "who writes a 500 something page book really?" kendall said, "yeah especially one that is not about wizards..." you got me there. 700 pages of J.K. Rowling? bring it on!

end wrap up: i really liked the characters, you got to know them very well, the writer is very good at giving enough description and detail that you are able to be "present" in the book, which i love. the story itself is gripping...just notice the little headers at the top of each chapter and remember who is involved in what time period and you are good to go!


Lacey said...

My cousin just suggested the maze runner....just to add to the list. I'm still trying to get through "Room"

Tina said...

I just finished this book a few weeks ago. I really liked it. I actually liked that it was long, because I was enjoying reading it so much, I didn't want it to end.
My only complaint is that the plot twists seemed a little too obvious. It seems like the author gave a little too much detail and information, because the dramatic plots twists at the end were really not a big surprise to me for the most part. I really liked the fairy tales and how they worked themselves into the story.
How fun that we happened to be reading the same book at the same time! Best wishes for you and your new baby boy.

peachytiffers said...

Sounds good, but I don't know if I'll be able to finish it by when it needs to be. I'm like you too, I lose little details here and there because of my fast reading.