(unrelated picture...he fell asleep one day like that! so funny!)

i think i was so focused on easter for a while there that mother's day is totally creeping up on me this year! yikes! i have wild half-formed ideas/thoughts in my mind...wonder what will actually get done:)

right now, my kitchen looks like it blew up (i'll spare you the photo...) i have a project for my one year old (today!) nephew, a teacher gift for ethan's preschool teacher that is half done, the remnants of painting by avery and me...half of mother's day presents for some people strewn across another counter...it's a fun day:)

i just need some concentrated time to pull it all together...hmmm...maybe tonight?


Audrey said...

The downside to being so creative and so generous! Good luck!

Colby said...

Do we get after pics? I am pretty sure I want to see all of this cool stuff;)