more freezer paper stenciling..

it is a sickness!!! i can't seem to stop...although i might stop for a bit now so i can get some other things done:)

here is avery's shirt, i finished ethan and little man's shirt a while ago (didn't realize i hadn't taken a picture of those yet...they all have a "monster" initial on them. i used the font kingthings lupine size about 400 or 500 depending on the size of shirt) and avery reminded me the other day that i hadn't done hers yet...so i did it last night! and she wore it today...how's that for instant gratification?

this pillow used to have pink hearts sewn in lines down the front...and over time the hearts curled in on them selves and i didn't like how it looked anymore. i didn't want to go and sew each heart down individually again so i unpicked the stitching and went to town with the fabric paint again!

and nothing says springy/summery goodness to me like vibrant bunting so i made some for the lockers and i just love it:)

i got to use my new favorite metal eyelets and i used those command removable hooks. i might be in love with those too...depends on if they come off just as easy as the commercials say they do:)


Amelia Poll said...

Fun stuff! I love freezer paper stenciling. It's so fun and easy.

And those command hooks are awesome, and they do come just as easily as they say they will. It's pretty incredible.

rachel said...

Looks very vibrant! love it! Great ideas for summer decor. I am really debating over what to do for summer. Haven't decided yet. I love Lemons and oranges but since living in arizona those are winter things;)

Sree said...

nice blog:)