Happy Birthday Avery!

{just born}

Today our sweet little Avery turns 4!!!! Happy Birthday! Seems like not that long ago she was tiny...and had bad reflux:) Once we got some medicine for that she was much happier!

{going home from the hospital}

{first birthday}

{second birthday}

{third birthday}


{blake and avery sitting on one of Avery's birthday presents from mom and dad...she got a tinkerbell sleeping bag because today is the ward camp out...dad is taking the birthday girl and the eldest...mom and blake will be staying behind...too pregnant to go:)}

happy birthday sweet avery, we love your spunk, your loving, caring ways, how you forgive easily and how you love your brothers and your family so much!!! you are beautiful and sweet and smart and we couldn't ask for a better girl!!!!


Lacey said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! I remember Melissa and I came to visit and bring dinner when she was born. That was just yesterday! Love you!

rachel said...

Aww! That's so sweet. She's getting so big. It's hard to believe she's not in a sling anymore and it just occured to me that Blake is sooo grown up!!