halloween and birthday recap...

here's our little batman!
and joker and cat woman!!!
 a really nice man in our ward made this cake for blake...halloween day i decided it needed a makeover to fit with our halloweeny birthday party...
meet Jack the cake:)
blowing out candles with Nana Kay and Papa Jerry on Skype (we missed you!)
opening presents! what a blessed little kid! he is so loved...as are all of our children. we have such great family!

and friends! someone left this basket of goodies on our doorstep the day before halloween, no name as to who gave it, so if you did, THANK YOU!!! the kids LOVED the coloring things, and the felt faces for the pumpkins were a HUGE hit...so thoughtful.  people are so kind to us. thank you so much!!!


erin T to the S said...

Love you! Everyone looked so cute! Xo

Yolanda said...

Just want to say I love you and I'm thinking of you. I hope each day gets easier for you. HUGS!!!!