thanksgiving decorations...

here are some of our thanksgiving decorations...we haven't had many heretofore and i am glad to celebrate this, sometimes, overlooked wonderful holiday!

had the quote in tan printed at costco, it was a printable i found here
on top of our TV cabinet: don't look too closely at the print in the frame...i downloaded it onto the computer last year...and this year thanksgiving is on the 24th, not the 25th but oh well:)
this frame holds a collage that my beautiful sister in law made for us one year, but for our thankful sign, i turned it over and embellished the brown "filler" in the frame.  we wrote on the glass with a dry erase marker.
my black "entry" table, the printable in the frame is from eighteen25
my shelf in the kitchen...two milk glass vases on either end, turned over to be pedestals....all the (fake) fall leaves were in a flower arrangement that we received, and i took them out and spread them around the house. love the tiny (real) pumpkins
here's a close up of my cute turkey...instructions here i just love this turkey...don't know why i am so taken with him:)  i think i want to put another feather behind the first one on his head...for more color and just to be bigger!

i still have one more thing i have materials to make...it's this banner..just need to cut it out..maybe tonight!


H.Cook said...

Lots of cute decorations!!!! I printed the same subway sign from eighteen25 :) great minds think alike! Happy Thanksgiving!

rachel said...

Happy Happy Turkey day. Love all of these!! I really really heart that turkey I may have to make one of those