I Believe in Fairies...

avery had her friend birthday party, finally! it has taken a while for us to find a saturday that would work, and then it was labor day weekend and some of our friends were out of town, so we missed them, but i couldn't let it go much later into september...that's just too late:)

we had a fairy party....
chocolate cupcakes of course, avery LOVES chocolate:)

fairy houses, as part of our decorations

our friends got here and we colored

pretty picture birthday girl

the fairies sent us on a scavenger hunt throughout the house to find the wings and wands and some fairy treats for our little fairies
after that we had a fairy dance party:)

we played pin the fairy on the flower

we made glitter playdough, the girls got to help put all the ingredients in and they especially liked putting the glitter in:)

each little fairy got their own bag of goodies to take home and, of course their wand and wings and playdough! 

i think a fun time was had by all! yay for being done with birthday parties for a while:)  the next one is Blake's but not until Halloween:)


Jackie said...

You're officially the coolest mom! What a lot of work! Looks like the girls all had a blast.

Lacey said...

The glittery playdough is AWESOME! I'm so sad we missed the party! I won't tell Addysen about the playdough-she would be so sad! Great job mama!