halloween pictures in november...

i realized i never posted pictures from our actual halloween/pumpkin carving/Blake's birthday party on Halloween...and there's not a ton but i do love to document things so here we go:)

ethan was super gung ho to get carving tools and do his own pumpkin...oh help!
he actually did a really great job and carved almost his whole pumpkin by himself! i was so proud! but now he might think he can use knives...oh dear!

avery was a little less excited to clean it out and she wasn't quite strong enough to do a lot of carving...good thing it was ethan to the rescue!!!

blake was kind of along for the ride, he didn't love cleaning and is too young to carve ( i have to draw the line somewhere right?) but he does make a cute pumpkin head:)

all done!

and a scary one!!!!

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