Picture overload

we keep doing our normal around these parts....sometimes it seems like it's not really "blog material" but really everything is, because this is my family blog so here you go:)
this is Cam at her two month check up, she weighed 11.5 lbs and was 23 inches long! way to GROW baby! (so punny!)

these two pictures were just the other day...i was trying to catch her smile, which she is giving us more readily these days and i LOVE.  but i wasn't quite quick enough! i'll get it soon i hope!

we also do this some days...but such is the life of a small person:)  

these two pictures i love because she has crazy hair out of the bathtub:)

they like being together. most of the time. just like any siblings. i love it when they play together and make memories together. Blake and Avery like to watch Ethan play games...it's kind of funny they like to watch him, but whatever:)  Blake said to me yesterday, "I want to go to Nana Kara's house with Ethan and Avery." i said, "i like to go there too, what do you want to do there?" and he said, "I want to watch Ethan play Pacman Party."  FUNNY!
they play this game sometimes with blankets on the floor that they are pigs and the blankets are mud...this was near the end of an elaborate game where the pigs could buy things from the pig market (piggly wiggly anyone?), and Ethan had bought Avery a mud extender blanket (the white one).  i love listening to them play and hearing what they dream up!

last week we went to the park and it was windy and a little chilly.  Cam's blanket somehow shimmied up to her nose...i love this picture though...very cute:)

wreath that i made for valentine's decorations this year. love me some argyle!

and for V-day dinner we had cupcake size chicken pot pies...very tasty if i say so myself! 

like I said before, nothing earth shattering, just a lot of living going on!! i read two books (wow!), Micheal Vey and Between the Lines, they are listed on my sidebar, i liked them both very much. Micheal Vey is a series...so i may read those too:)

kendall won his first jury trial!!!!!!!!!!!!  he was so pumped, and he should be. i was the jury when he practiced and i was totally convinced!!! so glad he likes what he does:)


Mariley Johnson said...

Your wreath is adorable!

rachel said...

I love seeing these fun bits. Ethan looks ginormous in those pics with those little two. YAY for winning trials!! I am sure in front of a jury has to be nerve wracking. Cam is absolutely adorable AH! sweet little baby!