I LOVE green, so St. Patrick's day is a good excuse to use a lot of green!!!

this wreath is inspired by this one.  the hearts I used are 7 inches and they each took a 3 yard roll of ribbon.   If you had a little bit more, like a SMIDGE then it would be perfect, because it is really tricky to wrap the points of the hearts and the bottoms of the hearts.
see tricky...ergo the shamrock in the middle. and i wrapped mine with twine so that i can take them apart for storage. there is no glue involved in how they are put together, for my wreath:)

free printable from here the glittery shamrocks are from walmart, a bag of like 8 for $2 i think:)

this vinyl was from a groopdealz that happened recently, so cute! the shamrock is a pick your plum from last year that we covered with a napkin!

still loving on my rainbow sticks this year, the LUCK was from pick your plum last year too, also covered with a napkin

and here is my homage to Brian Regan...LOVE him, he's so funny! do yourself a favor and listen to this so you can laugh!


Amelia Poll said...

Haha! I love the "take luck" banner! That is just fabulous. Such cute decorations.

Lacey said...

Love it all! I need some rainbow sticks for Evyn's Birthday! Doing a rainbow themed party!

rachel said...

I love love love the wreath. I might just try that one. The take luck banner is also a fav. Great job mama!

Clarissa B. said...

so cute! I like yours better than the inspiration! The satin green looks so pretty, plus the way you hung it looks good!

Erika Bowen said...

Did you make most of these like the wreath cause that is so awesome! So beautifuk as well!

-Erika boysgirlsandsex.blogspot.ca

JenW said...

Yep Erika, I made them all:)