8 is Great!!

The Firstborn. What a hard job that must be! I am last born in my family, so I wouldn't know, but I sure am glad we have this Ethan boy as our firstborn child.  He is pretty awesome!  He sets a great example (most of the time;) and is compassionate and loving.  Our not-so-little man turned 8 on July 2 and we are looking forward to his baptism on the 20th of this month!

He still asks me to take pictures of him

He loves his dad A LOT and is a snuggler

He is a FISH and has always loved the pool. He swims very well independently now.  

He is a GREAT big brother.

Birthday morning

Cupcakes at Nana's on the 4th of july

He just looks old in this picture...how does this happen?

He loves Goldfish:)

Sibling Love

Ethan is so sweet with Cam.  The other day she reached out to grab his shirt and started chewing on it and i said, "don't let her chew your shirt!" and he said, " i don't want to make her sad mom!" then she grabbed his shorts:)
He is a fast reader, he has a quick mind, and his memory is crazy good!!!  We just love him tons and are so blessed to have him in our family!!!

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rachel said...

Congratulations! It's great to be 8! He has always been a quick wit even in preschool:)