bags might be one of my favorite things to sew. they are useful which is a big plus for me. i try to always make useful things! and you can make them relatively quickly, and there are so many fun options!

these are Martha Stewart dish towels from a few years ago, that i have been holding onto...and i finally decided to use them for this project! these two were for mother's day recipients.

i love this fox. i am really loving foxes right now.  i saw the image here and was able to make my own little guy:)  so cute! i made three of these bags

and i made three of these bags too, one for mother's day and 2 for teacher appreciation. (obviously i didn't get pictures of the other two before i needed to give them, one was a purple R and i had another S in a medium blue color). inspiration here

the fox bags and stenciled initial bags were made out of drop cloth fabric that i had left over from my curtains and my first ottoman attempt.  the back of the dishtowel bags are also drop cloth material.  it didn't take long to make these bags, i just did them in snatches of time....cutting them out one day, sewing straps another time i had a minute...sewing them together in another 15 minute snatch of time i had...that's how projects go lately.   whenever i have a little bit of time i work on a project for a few minutes and then baby needs me or kids need food, or to be read to, so then i leave it for a while...and come back to it later:)  right now i have binky leashes and reusable snack bags cut out...waiting for their snatches of time to get worked on:)  it's important for me to figure out when i can work on things, even for just a few minutes :)  keeps me sane.

i have one or two more pillows for my couch that i want to finish...i'll keep snatching those minutes:)

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rachel said...

I am loving the fox also. Great job! Lucky teachers;)