This Month is Such a Special One...

It's Birthday Time for You!

well, at least it is for some very special people in our family:)

On the 7th it was kendall's birthday.  i don't have a picture of him, but he is extremely good looking, even at the ripe "old" age of 32.  I like to tease him because he is just about 9 months older than me:)  i just couldn't ask for a better husband or father for our children! happy birthday sweetheart!

this little lady turned 6 (SIX!!!) on the 12th! craziness i tell you! we love our avery girl, she is sweet and sassy.  she is loving kindergarten but is, truthfully, having a hard time with the transition to no naps at all, because of of the timing of school, but we are working through it:)  i remember ethan having a similar experience.  she loves to draw, paint, take pictures, she likes to be read to, she likes to play with her growing zooble collection and she loves her brothers and sister fiercely.  

Today Christian is 2.  Man, 2 years seems to go really fast!  it has been a hard two years but also good.  I remember the time he was in our home as very happy and loving and that is what i am focusing on right now for this milestone.  of course, i also think of what he would be like, what his little personality is like.  who does he look like?  does he like peanut butter and honey like avery and blake or peanut butter and jelly like ethan?  we miss him so much.  we love him with all we've got.

all decorated for his birthday
blake was somewhere pulling out butterflies and pinwheels from vases saying, "look mom, this one is awesome" or something like that:)
when we go to visit Christian the kids like to take off and look at the other graves too.  they are especially interested in ones with flags (most probably meaning they were soldiers) and ones with interesting things in the vases.  ethan reads the names for them i think:)  this picture is from my spot by Christian.

after we had cupcakes; cam looks a little ticked we didn't give her one!  This little mama is 9 months old today! officially on the outside as long as she was inside! awesome but it seems to have gone so fast!  don't worry, we'll give her a cupcake on her birthday:)

and the girl is fast!!!  she was sitting with me next to Christian's memorial marker after cupcakes and singing and she reached over and started grabbing things out of his vase like crazy! she wanted the balloon i think!  crazy girl! camryn is army crawling like a pro and she is actually really fast at it. we are at that stage where we have to make sure we have cleaned up the floor pretty well and keep a weather eye out for scorpions because she just goes!  Cam is a sweetheart, and she has the best giggle! it is so sweet!  we just want to kiss her cute cheeks all day!

on a different note: after camryn was born last november kendall and i were watching a food network show or something that had a little blurb about a sandwich called a "Bobbie" from Capriotti's. it is the most amazing "thanksgiving" sandwich ever! shredded turkey, homemade cranberry sauce and awesome stuffing.  we are kind of hooked on them...they make great lunch the next day too, since they are rather large:)  yum-o!

and hey if you made it this far great job!!!  i am putting things in my etsy shop lately! i have a mini etsy on the sidebar, check it out:)


Mariley Johnson said...

Happy Birthday all around!

rachel said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! You are amazing people!! What an awesome celebration! Love to you all.