Box it up!

I honestly don't know how time is passing so quickly. It is already November, our baby will be 1 this month and Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner! Amazing!

well, first things first, I suppose...



enough said right?

crazy town.

here's the house....

we really like it, and are getting settled. before we moved in, we (and by we I mean mostly Kendall and some awesome friends/family) repainted the entire inside. It was a lovely tan color before (which turned peach in the afternoon...NOOOOO!) and now it is a light gray. Much better!

Camryn has found a new love of climbing...onto boxes, in cabinets, up stairs, but thankfully not out of her crib.  yet.

we had Halloween! barely! we'd been in the house for maybe 5 days and of course I hadn't done shopping/making costumes before because I was PACKING OUR WHOLE EXISTENCE INTO A BOX, so it was a Halloween miracle that we found the ONLY black pants and shirt at Walmart that would fit Camryn the day before Halloween.  she was a cat if you couldn't tell, she was absolutely opposed to any form of whiskers/nose being painted on her face, so you know, imagine it.

2 zombies, a witch and her cat

Halloween means it was Blake's birthday, which is ON Halloween, yeah, that's right:)  nice slow, nothing-going-on-time of the year to move right? (better now than later with Thanksgiving and Christmas though I say!)
Blake is so awesome though! Very high energy but very loving, sweet and kind, most of the time:) he is 4 though so no one is perfect:)  he is such a blessing in our lives, he was the calm after the storm of ethan and avery who were more high maintenance babies than was Blake.  He is a hugger and loves Monsters University and Inc, anything that Ethan and Avery like and he is obsessed with Playdoh! 

I thought this was funny, Blake bit the candle after he blew it out, he tells us that he thought it was candy! hilarious!

one of the first things I tackled in this house was switching out the cabinet and drawer knobs/pulls.  it is easy to do, so that was a plus, the kitchen is small so there's not a million, also a plus, and there were approximately 5 different finishes of knobs going on...so for my sanity this little project had to be done!!! above you can see a knob and pull, old style.

this is what I replaced them with....ahhhh...much better!

left side: old, right side: new.
I had ambitions of painting the cabinets since they are such a light color but after I spent one Saturday doing the projects below, I decided I would change the knobs and live with them light for a while.  because the actual cabinets are in good shape, really.  new knobs help...new countertop would help too:)

last Saturday I painted this old metal teacher's desk, this is before.  pretty standard brownish/grayish, every teacher you ever had in elementary school had one...
this is the after: coral!  I like it a lot!! I also like all the storage it has.

this was also painted the same day, this is the bottom of a hutch I bought on craigslist, not sure where the before picture of the top is.... it was a hasty paint job that was done on it before I got it. red inside, white outside.

we made it dark gray:)  it has tons of storage which is great for our smaller amount of cupboards we have in this house.  I have shelves for the upper cabinets, not pictured here, and there are also doors...we are debating on the door issue, they may make an appearance or not, they are chippy and red and not in super great shape right now. so i'll see if I tackle them or just make some awesome curtains to cover the holes on top.  the awesome curtains will probably get made as an interim measure in any event because, you know, you don't want to see all that stuff hanging out on the shelves all the time:) this house has no blinds and no curtains...on any of the windows, so we are slowly buying blinds and are going to have a blind put up party this weekend I hope.

avery lost her first tooth on sunday 3rd, she was super excited!!!
we have a really great park near us, with tire swings (which is a big draw for the kids!) cam had her first experience with eating sand...no Bueno! it totally grosses me out, I have to give the kids a bath after they have been to any park, so having the sand in her mouth was not making me happy.

apparently they all like the sand:)
so we are still here, still alive, just trying to adjust and get settled in our new surroundings:)  as I complete more projects for the house, I will definitely show them here:)


Jackie said...

and now I need a nap just reading how much you've done lately. :) How fun to have a new house!

Cari Florence said...

Wow! You've been busy! It looks great!