Camryn Turns ONE!!!

 the passage of time sometimes astounds me. i literally feel like the weeks are minutes sometimes, they seem to pass so quickly. sometimes that is a good thing, if we are going through a rough patch, but mostly i look back and think, slow down, slow down!
looking through some pictures tonight of Camryn when she was new, made me feel that even more. her first year has FLOWN by at top speed, and i was there through the whole thing, but man, it felt fast!!! 

 there have been definite hard times and hard days, but i have loved every minute of it.  i think that Camryn has blessed our lives in ways we are only beginning to understand; the same could be said of all of our children, but with Cam it's a little different since she is the "rainbow baby." this is a term i learned a few months ago, it is applied to the child who is born after a child has passed away in a family.  Rainbows are symbols of hope...and Camryn has definitely been that for us all.

 everyone in our home adores her, and wants her to be happy and smiley, to the nth degree.  Her older siblings love to play with her and make her laugh and smile and we all can't stop kissing her, like for real, someone seems to be always kissing her!! she bears it well:) 

 i have a firm belief that Heavenly Father sends children to specific families for a reason, and also that the order of the children in the family is also part of His plan. i have seen that in my family of origin and i see it now in our family.  Camryn coming after Christian's passing was no fluke, that's for sure.
Cam has 4 teeth, weighs about 18.8 pounds, wears size 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. she nurses 3-4 times a day, but not for a huge amount of time and she likes cow's milk in her cup.

she loves baths, her siblings, music, swinging, yogurt, applesauce and is warming up to meat of all kinds.

she still doesn't love her carseat, we will probably turn her around in the next couple of months.  she also is super wiggly and protests a lot during diaper changes and clothes changes, but such is her age:)

she tried to touch her candle tonight, i think all of our kids have, fire is alluring:) she didn't really know what to do about the cupcake, she kind of squished it and threw a lot of it on the ground. she tried some, spit some out (her favorite trick with food she's not sure about), and i think swallowed a little:)

she's super mobile, crawling and cruising furniture. we love her so much and are so very blessed and grateful to have her sweet little self in our home.  we love you Camryn Elaine!!!


Elizabeth O. said...

Happy birthday baby girl. I too can't believe you are one! Keep being a light and a bright rainbow to your family. They deserve it!

rachel said...

Darling girl! I am so glad you guys got her;)

Cari Florence said...

I love the rainbow baby idea! So so fitting!