The BIG Five

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Meeting kendall
2. Taking driver's ed (which is funny to those of you who know me because i did not actually get my license until i was in college...i'm not that lame really i just had excellent people to drive me around and didn't want/need one until then)
3. Babysitting
4. Getting ready to go to high school
5. Going to stake dances and actually enjoying them

5 things on my "to-do" list today:
(technically i don't have a "to-do" list because i have a new baby but today was an exception)
1. get dressed
2. take avery to the doctor
3. meet friends at Barro's
4. get diaper wipes
5. make it until 7:15 when i could start getting ethan ready for bed

5 snacks i enjoy:
(i am such a snacker!)
1. popcorn
2. candy
3. chips
4. granola bars
5. fruit

5 songs i know the lyrics to:
1. numerous Disney songs
2. My List: Toby Keith
3. She will be loved: Maroon 5
4. Bigger than my body: John Mayer
5. I could not ask for more: Edwin McCain (happens to be "our song")

5 things i would do if i was a millionarie:
1. pay debts
2. buy houses for my family on the same block
3. help other people go to college
4. buy Kendall the sports car he wants
5. have the best, kick-butt sewing machine they make and know how to use it!

5 bad habits:
1. eating too much
2. not being as tidy as i'd like
3. getting upset too easily
4. perfectionism (i'm working on this one...it's getting better)
5. being impatient

5 things i'd never wear again:
1. those glasses i had in elementary school (large and round)
2. flannel shirts and "no fear" t-shirts
3. most of the Dance Team outfits (hello--body stockings are not very comfortable!)
4. uncomfortable shoes
5. anything that cinches me in and makes it hard to breathe

5 things i like to do:
1. be with my family
2. sew
3. be crafty in general
4. read
5. read blogs and emails (too much, see audrey's addiction reference)

5 favorite toys:
1. digital camera
2. computer
3. sewing machine
4. play-dough (does that count?)
5. my george forman grill

5 people i tag:
1. Audrey
2. Melissa
3. Alacey
4. Annie
5. Tina


brooke said...

I had forgotten, until now, about our little "crafty" meeting where you had to do the sewing for me :) You need to teach me someday. It's something I want to learn. Hope you get your machine someday!

Audrey said...

I had a couple of No Fear T's shirts in my day and I thought I was soooo cool. Isn't life funny? Okay, I'll post on my blog, give me a bit. Owen is having what you like to call "a moment."