miracle baby wipes...

Has anyone else besides my sister and me noticed the extraordinary powers of baby wipes? My sister Erin asked me one time about a year ago now, if I had noticed that wipes are amazing and I replied with something witty like, "well, no I haven't" and she said that she has been very successful cleaning lots of things off of clothes and other fabric surfaces with wipes. Let me illustrate a few instance in which I have used baby wipes to great avail.

1. Obviously, they work when changing diapers.
2. Ethan got a little bit of blood on his shorts one day (he's a boy, not too uncommon:)) and I used a wipe and it came almost all the way out with the wipe and then came all the way out in the wash.
3. Yesterday, Ethan happened to draw on my futon cover with a brown crayon...and a wipe was utilized...completely gone!

Those are just a few of the uses I have put them to. It is quite amazing. And we are not talking, only Huggies or Pampers wipes work this way...I get the huge box of the Costco brand and they are great too. I'm not sure what they put in those things but try it...it works. You may never buy another "Shout" wipe or Tide-To-Go Pen again. Really, try it.


brooke said...

That's funny, I was totally reading a site about getting something out of the carpet, and the suggested plan of attack was non other than DIAPER WIPES. I also was told to NEVER use diaper wipes on our leather couches. . . that goes along with your next thought!

Jackie said...

I, too, had noticed the miraculous powers of baby wipes, but forget from time to time. Tonight, Mia bit her lip and bled a little bit and while I was going to the sink, she smeared it on my shirt. So, I thought, "Ah, brand new shirt; now it has blood on it...I already did laundry today..." Then, I remembered this recent post of yours...ta da! Baby wipe did the trick quickly. Brilliant!