who was that blur of a man?

you know in the old superhero type movies...they always say "who was that masked man?" that's the way i feel about the man of our house this week. don't get me wrong...it's great to see him when we do, but this week takes the cake on stuff to be doing. okay, so he works everyday. most days he can wake up with the kids and give me a little break, which is killer. but he does have to leave, and this week he's had to leave by, i don't know....7 or something. kids wake up around 6 to 6: 15, 6:20, so he gets them actually out of bed and i usually lay there trying to wake up for a few minutes and then i get up so he can get ready. then monday night, he had two law journal meetings after work--so he wasn't home until 9:30-10. then tonight he's got church youth group meeting at 7 (which he always has on tuesdays, so no biggie). but he got home at 6:30, and wolfed down some dinner and was out the door again by 6:52. then tomorrow night he's got something after work, i can't remember what, thursday he'll be home...whew, then friday morning he leaves with the boys from church at 5 AM (excuse me, i hope to not see that time on the clock that day!) to go on their last boy scout/venturing crew campout of the year, before school starts up again for them. then he'll be back sometime saturday afternoon...man alive!

who was that blurred man?

he is so super dedicated to what he does, i really appreciate that about him. he's a good husband and a good father and some weeks are like this yeah? yeah. so the kids and i have been getting out when we need to and, mercifully, today everyone *including me* got to take a 2 hour nap. thank heavens for that! amen and amen.

so this is not a pity jen post, this is a "look how much my husband gets done in a week" post:) good job, honey!

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jenn said...

i think you described how my husband probably feels lately, but i'm the one always leaving him. i go to young women on tuesdays, work on thursdays, presidency meetings another day....etc. etc. and b/c of all that i feel soooo guilty whenever i get invited to a girls' night out.