doctor visit...

so i took avery to the doc this morning, another oral and maxilofacial guy. he was very nice but apparently avery gets lock jaw around any dentist type person so i had to kind of facilitate her opening her mouth (read: pry her mouth open) but only a couple of times.
here's how it went....

dr: "so what are we seeing avery for today?"
me: "she has a mucous seal or something on the inside of her bottom lip"
dr: "okay let's have a look at it"
me: trying to fold avery's lip down..."see?"
dr: "oh yeah, i see it. can i see her top teeth?"
me: (thinking that's kind of funny...) "yeah" pry avery's mouth open
dr: "does she suck on her lip at all?"
me: now i'm mystified..."hmmm...i don't really know..." i look at avery and what is she doing????

sucking on her bottom lip, people!

i had never noticed that before and lo and behold she did it while we were at the office...how often does that happen? amazing.

so the long and short of it is, she has been sucking her bottom lip up into the small gap she has in her two front teeth, thus creating a small pocket of scar tissue on her lower lip. doesn't need to be removed right away and he wants to wait until she is a year older for two reasons: 1. she will not be traumatized and 2. she can realize she not supposed to suck on her lip (which would, of course, give us the same result).

interesting little habit she's developed. i think she does it when she's nervous or tired, if she doesn't have the binky in her mouth.

something to think about


Mariley Johnson said...


Hansonpatch said...

You know I had never thought about this before but Reilly has started doing this (quite often as she REFUSES to take a pacifier.) So now if this happens to me I will know. Thanks for sharing!

rachel said...

I AM SO GLAD that there isn't oral surgery in her near future!! I was hoping for her!!YAHOO FOR AVERY! It's crazy that the first doc didn't think of that.

erin T to the S said...

that's a commercial for pacifiers if I've ever heard one!

Sarah & Ty said...

That's funny how it took till the doctor asked. Sometimes days just pass us by...:)