kitchen table...

i need a new one. a kitchen table. the one we have now was given to us (bless kendall's grandparents (who helped us haul it) and their friends who gave it to us, free of charge) so beggars can't be choosers...but this table has grooves in it. at first thought, this was a nice decorative thing right? wrong. it's IMPOSSIBLE to keep it clean with two small children. i would have to go over the grooves EVERY night with a toothbrush to keep it clean, and let's be honest...i'm not THAT diligent. so when we move i need a new table. or just a new to me table. i don't need to go buy one from the store; garage sales, craigslist...really i'm open to anything, it just has to be big enough! so i'm on the hunt for a new (to me) table. if you see anything...let me know, i am totally open to staining/painting/sanding etc.

my kids are in love with otter pops. it's not even that hot outside but they adore them. they have to eat two each at least at a sitting. crazy. they are sugary goodness.

ethan has been super helpful with avery, it is so sweet. he is all the time wanting to help her. we were coming back in from our surprise (the city in AZ, not as in "Surprise!") trip on friday and she needed to take her shoes off but can't do it herself and neither parent could help so ethan sat right down on the floor with her and helped her and then got her to put her shoes in the basket, without being told. it's just so sweet! love those kids!

avery is saying a million things. everyday there is something new and i am so excited about it! it's awesome to watch/hear:)

lastly...i made a nursing cover for a friend's sister and she wanted brown binding on it which is fine...but it is reminding me how HARD using binding is and how i maybe should take that option off of my website because 'dang! it's not the quickest way for me since i have to rip it out and start over now....cause my stitches are crooked! yuck!

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Lacey said...

We got ours at a garage sale before we got married. 200 bucks and I love it. It will eventually be replaced but with wee ones it's best to have a hand me down. Good luck on the search. How fun to get something new.