thrifty fun....

i am once again going to extoll the virtues of the thrift store. this time, though, it isn't savers, although that is one of our favorites. we recently acquired a goodwill by our house, and when i say "by our house" i mean, right down the road, 2 minutes away. if that. awesome. so i went the first day it opened and it was a crush of people and we could hardly manage our cart. so i decided to go back today to check it out again. they had a sweet table and three chairs (for kids) for only $40 for all the pieces. it was cool. like kind of IKEA-ish, but i didn't get it, because for some weird reason, paying a lot at a thrift store ("a lot" is a relative term especially at thrift stores) goes against my grain. like i hardly ever buy anything that isn't under $5 each. i may buy a few things but they are usually not more than $5. we like books because we get only really good condition ones and they are very inexpensive. but saturday i found fabric. i actually really like buying fabric at thrift stores because they have, sometimes, crazy amounts of fabric for not much at all. you just have to hit it the "right" day. today was my day i guess. i got more than 9 yards of fabric (by my measurements, how my mom taught me when not using a tape measure...tip of your nose and arm extended...anyway...i'll measure for sure later) for about $5. i'm not joking. it was amazing.

i got this pink cheetah print, it was actually in two pieces but they were both on the same hanger and one said $.49 and the other said $.29, for real (but she only rang it up as .20 i don't know why) and they equal about 2.5-3 yards each.

i got this brown beauty (blue tag special, 1/2 off) for $2.00, there is about 3 yards.

i finally i got this white kind of twill (like denim weight) with pink and black stripes, also about 3 yards and a little more for $2.50 (it was also blue tag special, 1/2 off). it was amazing.

the brown is a knit, kind of stretchy and i am thinking maybe a skirt for my maternity self...i think skirts may be my modus operandus for getting through this nasty heat coming. the white with stripes, like i said, is kind of a heavier weight, not heavy, but not super light cotton either, and i'm not sure what it will be. the pink cheetah is just amazing and maybe something baby if baby is indeed a girl. what would you make with these thrifty fabrics?


rachel said...

I am telling you Goodwill is the absolute best!! That Goodwill has had some awesome things in it! Just FYI-On Thursdays at Goodwill all the colored tags for the week are 1 dollar. The Dollar bargains are the absolute best!! Happy finds!

rachel said...

Okay so maybe I am a junkie. Can you blame me?

Mariley Johnson said...

what? where? how could i miss a Goodwill so close? I'll say it again. I miss Arizona thrift stores!!
great finds!
We are driving back this summer. I'll have to leave room in the car for thrift store finds.