by 9:15am

got up
fed children
brought in avery's toddler bed we bought yesterday
cleaned toddler bed
took apart crib; put crib stuff away
put toddler bed in her room with her blankets on it etc.
loaded dishwasher
folded 3 loads of laundry
washed one load
dried one load (as if i had a lot to do with the washing and drying:):))
put away clothes
swept floors
swiffered floors
mopped floors

sat down and felt tired.

next: baths and change of clothes...then what?

wish us luck for naptime:


Katie Anne said...

Holy Hannah, you had a busy morning! The bed is adorable...is Avery liking it? Hope the rest of your day is just as productive, but a little less tiring!

mmhamblin said...

Busy, busy! Nap time is rough with the change. I always did it the first time at bedtime when they were really tired. Good luck!

Audrey said...

That bed I was supposed to look at on Saturday? The woman never returned my phone calls and hasn't contacted me since! PUNK!

Lacey said...

CUTE BED! Good luck with naps! Elodie did great converting to the big girl bed. She would just sit in her bed and yell "I'm ready to get up MOM!" So funny! It took her a while to figure out she could get out of bed by herself!

And so productive! Now wonder you are tired!

JenW said...

audrey..how lame! i don't like it when people are silly!