happy father's day!

happy day to all the dads out there! we have had a good day here, hopefully kendall thinks it's good too:) yesterday we went out with the family to T.C. Eggingtons....so good! for an early breakfast so the guys could hit the links together. fun times!

i have been working on the baby bedding...i just have to finish it up and then i will be free to read again or do anything else. in my mind it must get done but then...there's no where to put it yet because avery is still in the crib and i haven't found the toddler bed yet that we are getting her for her second birthday in August...so we wait:) but it's still cute, i think. use your imagination...
short side of dust ruffle

long side of dust ruffle

inside of long bumper pads

inside of short bumper pads (which kendall rightly says looks like a flag....oh well:))

outside of bumper pads

this is the quilt, just laid out on the floor, not sewn together....
it will all look nicer on the crib, i think...but there's a sort of sneak peek:)

i make kendall a "daddy blanket" for every child. ethan was born just after father's day in 05 and i wanted kendall to have something that was just for him and his boy...so i made a little blanket with minky (super soft but infuriating to sew with) around the edges. then when we had avery, i decided to make him one for his girl...also with minky to keep up the pattern. ethan and avery's are made of knit and are just two sides of the same knit but this time i couldn't find a knit i liked very much but i found some super cute flannel so one side is that and the other are flannel receiving blankets that i cut up that i got from...wait for it...goodwill (i know you are shocked!) because i didn't want to go buy MORE fabric when i could get a good quantity of fabric for what i needed for $.69 a blanket, and i bought two to make sure i had enough. that's a deal:)
the receiving blankets before

new "daddy blanket"

so lots of sewing going on here...which i really like. a good thing about kendall doing bar prep at every possible moment is that i can sew and not feel badly about neglecting him:) next on the list....finish the quilt....

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rachel said...

VERY CuTe Bedding!! I am a big fan. I also love the blanket.