it was such a fun houseboat trip that we took a couple of weeks ago, thank you to mom and dad wilson for that graduation gift! we had 8 adults and our two kids with us, so it was full and happy:) kendall's grandparents, parents and brother (kraig) and his sweet wifey elise came with us (we missed katie!) and we all had a great time. the weather was overcast and it rained at night and in the mornings a bit but cleared up around lunch time. we were actually on the boat for about 3 days which i thought was good because more than that and i would probably still have sand in my teeth, hair etc.:) but it was really cool that we found some nice beaches and the kids loved playing in the sand and they actually went in the water a few times, even though it was cold. ethan is such a die-hard water kid. avery was a little more like...hello! that's cold! we had bonfires at night and we had s'mores and made "slugs" (biscuits roasted on a stick and filled with jelly etc.). very fun. my SIL elise and i were in charge of the food for our expedition and i think it went well:) we did have some leftovers (okay, a lot of leftovers) but our motto is "better too much than too little." and we had some good food; fajitas, best sloppy joe's ever (mama kara's recipe), hoagies, bbq chicken on the grill (which i tried a brine with and it went really well). so we were well fed too. the boat had a lot of space, it was bigger than i had envisioned it. there was a bedroom in the back with a sliding glass door to the back deck, two beds in the "lower berths" where we slept on one bed, ethan on the other and had room to put avery's pack and play, and there was another bedroom, then the couch made a bed, as well as the bank of seats by the table. i think it could sleep 12. there was a small deck on the front and a huge upper deck. very fun:) we did have some casualities...our tent got blown into lake powell and is now residing at the bottom and ethan's life jacket got blown away as well. there was some pretty fierce wind one night.

who's driving this thing???

happy boy

daddy and avery

mama and avery and pretty rocks...

kraig and elise

"i'm the captain!" he went around calling his grandpas (who were driving the boat) captain papa jerry and captain papa kyle....it was so cute!

ethan "caught" a fish

we got a sea-doo one day, really fun!

and yes he took the small one and she LOVED IT! she kept saying, i wanna go fast fast fast!

papa teaching her how to golf with ethan's clubs

we can't get a picture of all of us looking at the same time, almost impossible. but there's the boat

they dug a canal into a hole the kids liked playing in. when i asked kendall why he wanted to fill the hole they liked to play in with water he said, "because it's there!" oh boys!


Lacey said...

What a fun little vacation!!! Looks like the kids had a blast too!

Mariley Johnson said...

houseboats scare me to death! especially with kids! how did that work for you? sounds like it was really fun!

I love your hair!!!

luke and briton alo said...

We went on a family vacation they once when it was really windy at night and my little sister were all in sleeping bags on the top deck of the houseboat. In the middle of the night they all started screaming for my dad because the wind was blowing their slick sleeping bags, with them inside, off the boat!

Marisa said...

Looks like you had fun! Glad you got back safely! When is your ultrasound!?

rachel said...

SO VERY VERY FUN!! YEAH!! The houseboat idea is so fun and you guys looked like you had an absolute blast!!

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