TA DA!!!

okay, let's remember what the chairs and table used to look like:

and after a couple of weeks of sitting on the back patio...here they are now...i took these pictures at night, so they aren't the best light.

the stencil on the table and chairs is actually paper doilies that i pressed into service as a stencil:) it worked well i think. i like how they turned out. i also like that the placement of the stencil isn't the same on each chair. makes it kind of interesting:) whew! so now we can actually start enjoying them! yahoo!

also, today avery and i happened upon the goodwill while waiting for ethan
at preschool and they had these beauties...$9.99 EACH! come one people, and they match our cabinets! awesome!


Sew Much Ado said...

Cute Jen! I love the colors and the stencil.

Mariley Johnson said...

I love the doiles! Great job.

rachel said...

Yay! They turned out so darling. You can't beat Goodwill! It's such a riot, I love that place:)

Lacey said...

I mights have to borrow one of your chairs for pictures....because really that's how my mind thinks when I see a cute chair- I don't think how it would fit in my house, I only think how cute it would look for pictures!

And speaking of, I'm looking for a cute, bulky, vintage chair for pictures. Like the one Grayce is sitting in for the pictures I took of her on Melissa's blog. I borrowed that from a friend who found it on craig's list...now I am on a mission to find my own. Just keep an eye out for me!

Hansonpatch said...

So cute, and didn't they have something like that in a magazine a while back? If I remember they were very expensive. How cool!