7 months old...

i can't even believe that we are dealing with a 7 month old little man. it's crazy. the time is galloping by. it needs to stop. blake is such a sweet boy. he's going through a rough patch with teeth i believe, and a stuffy nose that won't quit...methinks the two are related. he is such a babe, i love him to pieces.

as i love the other two as well:)

this is ethan with his sweet preschool teacher jenny. she was wonderful with the him and the whole class...he had a blast in her classroom!

and to the recent stomach bug that has come to our home...

PLEASE LEAVE! haven't we had enough sickness already to last us until next sick season? can't you just leave the children in peace? also the adults because last time i had that nastiness i wanted to lay down on the couch and die. and that's not easy to do with three people who can't even get their own juice!

avery and ethan had almost simultaneous throwing up incidents last night...hopefully they are well on the way to not doing that again tonight! it seems promising. and if the baby gets it, i am coming after you, elusive stomach sickness! watch your back!

(and these pictures were taken before the camera decided to give up the ghost...it really is dead. i tried with different batteries and everything! *sigh*)

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Mariley Johnson said...

I just can't get over how much Blake looks like Ethan! Cute cute!!