it's 11 pm...

and i should totally be in bed. but i just am not. why? i am avoiding for some reason. my camera won't turn on. it's not really surprising, that camera used to be my mom and dad's...we've had it for avery's whole life and some of ethan if i remember rightly...and the parents had it for several years before that...it's done it's duty but much like Alice (the honda of yore that Fin replaced) we will miss it if it doesn't turn back on.

(and than you so much for all the well wishes for my birthday! i love you guys!)

i had a super "thrift" experience this last week. we were on our morning walk and you know how people just put things outside their house if they don't want it and they hope someone else will pick it up? (or it's waiting for that special thursday in gilbert where they will pick up anything that's on the curb and take it to the dump) well we saw four chairs in good condition on our walk one day. we had several things to do that day so we didn't get to go pick them up immediately. in the intervening time i was perusing craigslist.com (which i was and still am doing obsessively because i must find a bench for my table!) but this time i was looking for a bookshelf for avery's room and ended up finding one to replace the one i found for the living room. so then the one in the living room could go in avery's room and the small one in avery's room could go in blake's room. the great organizational shuffle. anyway, i went to pick up the "new to us" bookshelf and on the way back i thought..let's just see if the chairs are still there. (you almost forgot about the chairs amidst my ramblings huh?) and they were! and the owners of the house were outside as well and so i said, "are you giving these chairs away?" to which the kind woman replied, "yes, you take them!" awesome! and then she gave us a cooler too! i wish i could take a picture of the cooler and chairs because the chairs are all different colors! and the cooler is pink, teal and yellow. it's so awesome! the chairs are (one each) purple, green, teal, and yellow. they will not stay those colors. and they have a cushion/upholstered seat which will not be staying in it's current state either. but hey, free is free you know! we have a table on our back porch waiting to be redone...i am excited because kendall got me sander for my birthday! yahoo! along with an awesome new sewing book! what a great husband! if the camera situation improves i'll get pics up soon...if not...well we'll have to wait until i buy a new one i guess:)

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