digging myself out...

whew! i embarked on a craft show last week, not super last minute-y but kind of so my days and every bit of spare time i could squeak out were spent sewing sewing sewing. my mom switched sewing machines with me when they came and watched our kids when we went to our reunion so the new machine and i (who doesn't have a name yet...suggestions?)got really well acquainted.

the show was...a good experience...i gave out some business cards...sold a few things but nothing overwhelming. the problem was that i signed myself up to do this, bought some halloween fabrics to make things and then found out there was only one show in october (not two as i had previously thought) so i worked furiously for about three days...i mean, it was actually astounding to me how much i made! i was rather proud of myself and i put in so much time that i think i was overestimating what might happen at the show...i don't know. and then when it was over i was bummed. i was. i'll just say it. i slept for two hours the night before so that probably had something to do with it.

but here's the thing. i don't make things so i can sell them (per se...that would be nice though:)) i make things because i have an actual need in myself to create things. it is important to me to create things, it's thrilling to make something from raw materials (be it baking, cooking, sewing or whatever). i really enjoy it. the whole process, the whole shebang. i learned this about myself this weekend (again...i keep relearning things:) the process of making things helps me feel connected and balanced as a whole. i'm not sure why it is this way with me, but it is. and i like it. so i'll keep trying to sell things...because it's fun when something sells but the whole REASON i make them...isn't for money...it's for my own sanity and love of the creation process.

so if anyone needs a halloween trick or treat bag or halloween bunting...let me know:)


Jackie said...

I hear ya. I'm not as good as you are, but I still find joy in the creation of things. I am sharing a table at a craft show mid-November. I've been pondering how much to make/bring. It's hard to know. I'd just like to make what I invested.

Melissa said...

Stuff turned out cute. I'm gonna need a few burp clothes soon!