today we were discussing that telling lies is not a good idea and it makes our Heavenly Father sad and avery said,"will He put me in time out?"

good question!

ethan has been a little bent out of shape that grown-ups can do "whatever they want" (in his mind anyway...) and he expressed this the other day and i said, "no we still have rules, we can't do WHATEVER we want" and he said,"the only person who can do whatever he wants is a king, and the only King around here is Jesus!"

Avery had done something supremely weird, dangerous, painful and/or messy (i honestly can't remember now what it was) but i said, in a very nice way, that next time she needed to use the good brains she had in her head to which ethan very quickly responded, "avery has more than one brain?"

gotcha mom!

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Mike and Steph said...

Oh, Jen, you're kids are too cute! Love your blog and the cute things they say! Oh, and you are so very talented too! Miss you!