goings on...

we usually have such busy days that after we get the kids to bed i feel like there are probably things i could do...but i'm not gonna. is that bad? i just feel like lounging for an hour or so and going to bed! i still get things done at night, that is prime time for me to sew and do some cleaning normally, finish up laundry, actually talk to kendall you know...but man, i am just run down lately!

on a different note, those that have been to my house may have noticed the slight crack in our tiles in the entryway (total sarcasm, the crack may as well be the grand canyon, people)...well next time you come over, it will be gone! yahoo! the guy who owns our house assured us that it would be fixed before we had our baby (blake) well, now it's almost blake's first birthday (tear, sniff!) and it's finally getting done, but i am not complaining, i am just glad little man doesn't have to hurt himself on the broken tiles!

today i did some covert operations on our toys...we had to move all the toys out of the toy closet downstairs in preparation for the tile guy to come and tear up all the tile, so while we were taking all the toys out of there, i took the opportunity to quickly go through them and take out things that were knick knacks or never played with etc. i also ventured into the kids' rooms and did the same. and i bet they'll never notice! do you do this too? i did it while they were playing around me, too! just goes to show, sometimes it's better to do stuff in plain sight than try to hide it!
3 bags to take to Savers!

we are starting to get into more clothing that ethan wore that blake can now wear...and it is SO cute! i don't know...something about knowing it's a hand-me-down actually makes it cuter to me. and blake in long pajamas is just really cute to me anyway. because he hasn't worn them since he was a baby baby...it's just been too hot in AZ for that! but here's a flash back.....

here's ethan when we still lived in UT...i just love these pjs!

and here's blake tonight...avery wanted to get in on the picture action but i caught her touching her nose...not picking...just touching:)

the boys still definitely look like brothers to me...but i feel like blake is starting to diverge some and become his own man....what do you think?


Sew Much Ado said...

Aww cute! I feel the same way, I'd rather sit and watch tv for awhile at night than do anything else! It's sad :). And I love hand me downs! It makes me feel so much better about buying clothes for Wyatt when I know that Weston will be able to wear them in a couple years too.

rachel said...

That flashback took me totally back to when we were in Provo. SOO cute! They are most definitely brothers no doubt about it. I think Blake's hair looks a touch lighter. They are so cute. Love the little PJs. It really is a little Averie sandwich;)

Lacey said...

As much as I love matching my girls, I too love a good hand me down!! And footy pajamas are the best!! Your boys definitely look a ton a like!!