we have a few easter/spring decorations up...i tried some ideas i found online this year, i just love seeing all the inspiration out there!

i showed you our countdown before, it's working out well. here's another one of my embroidery hoop eggs...the other one is on this table....the egg garland was an idea from Eighteen 25, love those creative ladies!

i totally loved these Peeps from Made when i saw them, so i made a garland and some to hang on our banisters. now i am loving those metal eyelets...i want to put them in everything! i am looking for excuses to use them, they are so simple and fun to use:) no fancy equipment needed, the kit provides the pieces you need and then you whack it all with a hammer to close it up. so fun!

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rachel said...

I really love the bright flowers!! They make me happy. The peeps are cute but my favorite are the quilt hoop eggs. I am going to make one of those!I saw a similar thing with an oval picture frame and some scrapbook paper very cute. . . gotta get to that!