spring "wreath"

i am a little bit obsessed with embroidery hoops...i love the ones i see hanging on walls with pretty fabric, i have about 10 sitting upstairs in my sewing space right now! i get them at thrift stores where they are only $1 or less!

i found a large (12X20) oval one a few months ago and it's been crying out for me to do something with it. and my door needed some ornamentation as well, so i thought i'd make something springy...

i don't have a silhouette or cricut (not for lack of trying to win one though:) so i did things the old fashioned way...i used Maiandra GD font in word and made letters the size i wanted (size 280, bolded), cut them out of paper and then cut them out of the fabric i wanted to use (old jeans actually). then i cut pieces of the accent fabric out in shapes, those paisleys and flowers just put me in mind of spring and summer days:) then i hand stitched it all on, because i already had it positioned in the hoop how i wanted and didn't want to have to remove it and chance not getting it centered later. i really like how it turned out!


rachel said...

Really Darling! What a fun idea to use a quilting hoop. LOVE IT!

Audrey said...

It turned out really cute!