Table Redo (s)

a while ago, i bought this set of 2 benches and table off craigslist...they were in need of some TLC for sure! the benches i finished before Christmas since we were having the big dinner at our house...but i finally finished the table today...i can't believe i don't have a "before" picture of it but i looked in my folders and can't find one...it was pretty scraped up on the legs, i sanded them. i was not up for painting the entire thing. it is going to stay outside for eating or whatever until i need extra seating in the house. i decided to cover the top, initially i wanted to get some oilcloth with a fun, summery pattern on it but i couldn't find any locally that i liked and the prices to buy it and have it shipped were a little off-putting to me. so i looked at good old Big Lots and found a plasticized tablecloth i liked a lot and used that instead. only $3.50:) i know it might rip or whatever, but i am not super worried, since a) the tablecloth was not expensive and b) i got the table and benches for only $10.

I spray painted it with Krylon...i think it was called Storm Gray...i just threw out that trash so i can't check for sure...it's not classic gray i know that. i used a gray primer underneath, also Krylon. The wood of the table was very dark and i wanted to be sure i had good coverage. i like how it turned out. i like the tablecloth, it's bright and cheery and i think it will fit our "occasional" table needs.

another project that is currently in the works is this table...

we were on a family walk sometime last year...maybe novemeber??? it's been a while:) and i saw it in front of a neighbor's house (one of those put it out on the curb so the city can pick it up deals) and we walked past it and i took a long look at it as we passed...and kendall looked at me and said,"you want to come back for that don't you?" i said,"yeah, i do:)" he knows me well people. so good man that he is, he went back in the rain that night and good it for me. and then it sat in our garage for a while, the holidays and life kept happening and finally i decided this week was the week to get it finished up. i stained the top with Minwax Ebony (months ago) it was just plain butcher block...i'm not sure that will stay, we shall see.

this was a "first draft" i was trying to use only paint i had on hand so i tried the yellow...
...whoa i HATED it!

so we went to the store and bought more paint...it's not done yet...hopefully in the next couple of days i'll have it up and running...it's going to go in our entryway, with a shelving unit inside and a curtain to cover it up...

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