My cute niece Ruby had a birthday this last week and i was able to whip up this little bag and get it shipped to her by her birthday! it's like a new record! cause i'm not super good with getting things in the mail "on time" to get to the person by the actual day of the birthday.

she loves pandas and so i did a little freezer paper stencil action...you know how i love that technique.

and we filled this little bag with some squinkies (not pictured) but i thought she might like a bag to carry around treasures, since i am a bag person:)  i think she liked it! it was fun to make. and i do love grommets!


rachel said...

Love this. I think it's super cute and cuddly looking;)

Marisa said...

Super cute! Happy Birthday this month!

erin T to the S said...

Um, best bag ever... Ruby loves it. I love it! (and you)