Superstition Springs Farm

it's actually a dairy, not a farm. no crops are grown there.  just LOTS of cows.  did you know that ice cream is made mostly from the milk from Jersey cows (brown and white normally) and not our black and white friends?
another fact, i never thought about, a cow has to have just had a baby and is technically "nursing" when it gives milk. so the cows are giving birth around the clock, the calves are sent to a special farm just for them, cause if they were drinking mama's milk, none of the rest of us would be:)

they had some animals you could pet, poor angora bunny, can't even hardly see him for all the lovin' he was SUPER fluffy.

they got to hold a chicken

avery loves animals in a big way.
blake really liked holding that chicken!
we got to go on a hay ride and see the dairy in all it's splendor
the sun was in little man's face, so not a good pic

they also got to try some flavored milk. avery got chocolate i think
B got butterscotch
and Ethan got strawberry

we went with avery's class and it was tons of fun:)  glad we got to go


Marisa said...

Jen, you're awesome. Just wanted to let you know in case you forgot.

sarah said...

We love that place, they have a great farmers market on thursday nights too :)
Looks like your family had fun!