we made OOBLECK!

actually i think the recipe we made was officially called Gak, but we had storytime at our house today and among other books, we read Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seuss.

it was really fun and the kids really enjoy playing with it!

i like this recipe because it is "clean" meaning when the kids play with it, it's not stringy or gooey, but it is wonderfully squishy and makes funny noises when you put it in a play kitchen mug.  just try it.  it's ethan's favorite trick today:)  (hint: he makes the oobleck make tooting noises...ahh...boys)

we made these fun colors and still have the pink that we haven't tried yet...those neon gel food colors she suggests using in the tutorial really do a great job coloring the mixture!!!

fun thing to do for summertime (or anytime) :)  give it a whirl!


H.Cook said...

Awesome! I'm putting Borax on my shopping list!

Lacey said...

My girls loved making this last summer. Your colors are so great!

Marisa said...

Looks like fun, I'll have to try it. You've been busy!

Brooke said...

Fun! We have made this lots... but i have never thought of using the neon food coloring! fun!! Hmmm. I wonder what would happen if we used clear glue....Note to self. Next trip buy lots of glue and food coloring :)

rachel said...

Pretty cool! I agree ahh boys! This will be really cool to them.