Williamsburg and Jamestown

last night at the Cottage where we stayed in VA beach...it was so pleasant that night we went out on the upper porch and kendall enjoyed the hammock and we both read for a while.

proof i was there:)

 proof of the AWESOME sunburn that i had gotten that day...pretty sure this picture doesn't do the pain justice! ouch! never again!

The next day,  Tuesday in VA it was overcast and spitting rain, but still nice so we decided to go check out Williamsburg and Jamestown.  I had been to Williamsburg as a child with my family, this time we didn't have enough time to do the tour but we did all the free things:):)

College of William and Mary, one of the oldest, still functioning colleges. It was beautiful...as was all of Virginia and WA DC...really pretty greenery/flowers.  I miss that sometimes in the desert.
sign in the ground

sign along the road...beautiful flowers

walking up to one of the main builidngs

gigantic fireplace in one of the rooms...that's me in there:)

beautiful magnolia tree blossom! as a child, we had a magnolia in our front yard in NC and the smell was AMAZING and took me right back there, when i smelled this one! beautiful!

church in Williamsburg

General George's Pew...

At Jamestown...outside at the Indian Village...

lots of baskets and furs...

replicas of boats that landed there...

The fort at Jamestown...

Blacksmith shop

Obviously NOT in Jamestown, but a parting shot of Food Lion...They were everywhere in VA and reminded me strongly of going grocery shopping in NC, when i was younger:)

Next Up: to WA DC!!!!

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