Ethan had a Birthday...Shout HOORAY!!!

after kendall and i had our trip we were home for a little bit and then we went to UT for my niece Dellah's Baptism.  We drove there and decided to stay until the 4th of July, and we drove back on the 4th.  Ethan's birthday was on the 2nd of July.  it was such a treat to be able to celebrate his birthday with my family, he really enjoyed it!
SEVEN years old!!!!! i am having a hard time believing it!!!


 aunt Erin,uncle Gabriel, Theo and Dellah
opening presents, my mom at the end of the table...

another day in UT, my dad and the kids having a cheeto break on the porch!

we went swimming at Dimple Dell (indoor pool with a play structure and slides) on Ethan's birthday, also while we were there we took the kids to Temple Square, visited some museums and visitor centers, went to the new City Creek Mall (which is HUGE and amazing!) and had a great time with family!

thanks family, as always, we love you and miss you!!!  and we had a GREAT time!

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