Last DC post...PROMISE!

i know, are we done yet?  that's what you're thinking, and yes, this is the last post about our DC trip. Our last day in DC we went to Mt. Vernon (George Washington ancestral home, Arlington Cemetery and the Jefferson Memorial.

Mt. Vernon from the front

Mt. Vernon from the back

turn around, with the house behind you and this is the view..beautiful!

Washington's Tomb

Arlington Cemetery....the thing that surprised me the most about Arlington was how MASSIVE it is.  I mean, you know there are lots of soldier buried there, but it is HUGE! so many graves of brave men and women who died serving our country and protecting our freedoms.  i felt very thankful.

the Kennedy's Graves

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier...we saw the changing of the guard which only happens 2 times a day i believe. that was very cool

Jefferson memorial, from the...back? i'm not sure which side to call it, but there's cute Kendall:)

same side of the Jefferson memorial, just closer

Gigantic statue of Jefferson himself, the thing that was kind of sad about this memorial, that we hadn't seen on any others, was the words on the walls....they must have been made of copper or something because they were turning green and (the other side of the wall, not the one pictured) had lines of oxidized run-off down the wall.  so ribbons of greenish gunk running through the letters of the words.  presumably from weather and moisture, staining the marble/stone that makes up the walls.

another super fun thing we did...this trip is actually an anniversary trip, that we took early.  our anniversary is in December, 10 years woo woo! but in December we will have a very new small person (who happens to be a girl!!! yay!!!) in our house (yahoo:)) so we took the trip early.  i had never ridden in a limo, and kendall always said that for our 10th anniversary, he would take me out in one. well, lo and behold, he surprised me with one while we were on vacation! very fun! funny story though...while the driver was waiting in the turn around at the hotel, she had her door open to get out and another car tried to sneak past the limo, but hit the door, wrenching it back toward the front of the limo! making it so that the door wouldn't close and the limo could not be driven! when we arrived downstairs, a police officer was there with the limo driver, and the driver of the other car... another limo came to pick us up 15 or so minutes later...this time a white one:)  so i actually got TWO limos:)  


Lacey said...

So fun! So glad you guys had a great trip!

Amelia Poll said...

Sounds like you guys hit all the major points out here. We love Mount Vernon, and have annual passes. Isn't that view amazing??

Sorry, I'll stop inundating you with comments about DC... We just love it here. I'm glad you guys had such a good time. And, congratulations on your little girl, making her debut in December! That's so exciting!!

JenW said...

Just to clarify, baby girl is due mid November:) so she'll be nice and small at Christmas, and our anniversary which is 2 days after Christmas:)

rachel said...

There is really no better place to gain a fantastic respect and love for our country and our constitution than in DC. It's so fascinating and amazing. I even love all of the flagrant opinions that seem to be expressed everywhere. Even if I didn't agree with them all. Mt.Vernon was one of my favorite stops when I went with my senior class. I hope that this trip was so relaxing and mind stimulating all at once. That limo ride looks WAY cool.

Erica said...

Your trip looks awesome! I love D.C. but feel like I need to go 100 times to actually see EVERYTHING I really want to :)

And congrats on baby girl!!!