We Toured the Capitol

we got tickets to tour the capitol through our state representative's office, which we liked a lot, because then we had one of the interns give us a guided tour, and we didn't wander aimlessly.  It was quite a bit longer than we thought, about 3 hours, but really interesting!

capitol building

through a skylight, from underground

tilt your head...apparently when i tried to turn it, it didn't work...commemorative of the cornerstone laid by George Washington

view from the balcony of the capitol. Currently the Mall (large greenspace, reflecting pool etc) are being refurbished, trying to have them done by the time elections are done i believe.

inside the rotunda

LARGE memorial sign erected to the passengers of flight 93

we went to several Smithsonian Museums...it's so great that all of them are free, you just have to go through metal detectors before you go in:)  we went to the National Air and Space Museum

hello random guy in our picture....

we went to the Museum of Natural History

inspiration for Rexy in Night at the Museum

the Hope Diamond
Tucson Meteorite (sign about it above, meteorite below) 

we also went to the American History Museum, which i don't think i got any pictures of...i may have been running out of steam by the time we went there:):)  

we had a bunch of very fun, very full days!
the next day we went to the Holocaust museum...thoughts about that, next time:)

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Amelia Poll said...

It is definitely better to do a tour with a representative guide. The other tour is only about 45 minutes and you get just the basic overview not to mention you're with about 30-50 other people. It sounds like your guide was really enthusiastic about it... Our private tour was only about 1 and a 1/2 hours.

I'll be interested on your take on the holocaust museum. We haven't been yet. I'm just not sure I can stomach it.