Halloween Baby

we have a boy at our house who is turning 3 today!!!!  

Here's Mr. Blake, going home from the hospital! i love that monster sleeper! so cute!  Blake has always been a sweet soul, a little more mellow than Ethan and Avery were as babies/small kids, which is a welcome change, i'm not gonna lie:)  

Blake also has a charming way about him, he endears himself to people, almost immediately! it is actually very interesting to watch....he's squishy and sweet and cute and his smile is contagious!!!

Bless the third child, he sleeps anywhere...AND easily transfers to his bed! and always has! amazing!!!

Avery and Ethan will randomly run at him during the day, and give him a squeeze (probably too hard) and say, "what? i just can't help it, mom, he's so CUTE!!!"

here's our cowboy from last night's trunk or treat!!!  we are so blessed to have Blake in our family.  He loves to read, he plays by myself or with others well (for the most part:)), he loves to swim, loves to be outside, will give you a hug and kiss when you need one, he is deliberately funny and has been for a couple of years, making us laugh and smile throughout the day.

Happy Birthday Little Man!!!!


Liz Taylor said...

Happy Birthday Blakers!

Marisa said...

Happy Birthday to your little Blake!