Camryn is 6 months old!

holy cow!! 6 months flies by huh?

happy girl

this is a girl who definitely has brothers...culprit this time was blake

cute girl, she loves to have her fingers in her mouth

on may 9th Camryn started eating some rice cereal

she loves it!

maybe a little too much! we had to cut back on the rice cereal because she's having some nursing issues now...or maybe that's because of her reflux, MAN i wish she could just TELL me what is going on you know?

Avery graduated from preschool! she had such a fun year with Mrs. Newitt.  she is SOOOO excited to go to kindergarten! very excited!

we were at Nana Kay and Papa Jerry's house in Surprise, and the kids had been swimming...we decided to forgo formal naps that day but Blake persevered and slept on this chair:)

she loves to chew on her blanket, like really loves it!

Kendall has taken to calling Cam "ginger" because her hair is staying reddish...then Ethan suggested calling her "ginger newt" funny boys!

this was on her 6 month birthday:)  she has sweet little chunky legs, i love this girl so much! she is giving us a little run for our money right now, but she is such a blessing and a love! her smile is amazing and brightens up our lives so much! she is amazing!!!

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