Third Time's a Charm!

alright friends, total disclosure right?  Remember when i made my ottoman for my really pregnant self so i could put my feet up?  well in case you don't or don't want to click, i stenciled a drop cloth and wasn't super exact when i was cutting it to be stapled because i thought, no one is going to see those edges right?
well i didn't finish the edges and the above picture is what the end result of my haste and not finishing the edges was...hanging threads, really really ugly!

then Blake took a sharpie to it in multiple places.  and i hadn't glued the foam down to the table so it was shifty too...bad karma!  so i took off that cover, got some strong spray adhesive and glued that foam down...worked like a charm!

Then i recovered it in a tiny orange stripe that i got from Home Fabrics for $3 a yd. Score!!!  i cut precisely this time and finished the edges and i was super pleased with it.  
but of course, Camryn spit up on it on like day 3 of life, (i had recovered it about a week before she was born:)) cause i laid her on it to change a diaper. then we spilled gripe water on it a few times...it wasn't looking too good...

i knew when i was first deciding to make one that something impervious to liquid would be best, but i didn't want to do a fabric then cover it with vinyl, too much thickness and i didn't want to mess with the two layers, and a faux leather i found at Home Fabrics was pretty but expensive and too dark for the room, with such a dark couch.

so i decided to get this laminated cotton from Joann's (when i THOUGHT i had 50% off coupon, turns out it was $1 off on sale so i couldn't use my coupon, grrrr...i had made a special trip to get it too and didn't find out about the $1 off until after it was already cut, lame! i digress...)

and i LOVE it!!! didn't take long to change out, totally is holding up well and any spills just get wiped right off...

bonus is it is bright and light and lovely.  and it feels fine when i put my feet up on it, i was afraid it would have a sticking effect when your legs rested on it for a while, but it doesn't, it's great.

so now i am recovering all our pillows to be brighter/lighter in response to the ottoman change.  mother's day/teacher appreciation projects interrupted my pillow sewing but i will post both of those groups of projects soon:)  

yeah for learning something every time i do, and redo, a project:):)


Mariley Johnson said...

Looks great! Those JoAnn's coupons will get you every time! There's always a catch.

Darren Schilling said...

that's a good looking ottoman right there.