Happy Day to Moms

happy mother's day to all you mothers out there! this is probably the hardest job i've ever had but it is so worth it. i love these children i have, they are wonderful little people and they teach me new things everyday, in fact they teach me how to be a better mother.

i'm with Alacey in my excitement over this book, kendall got it for me for mother's day!

so all the book clubbers...now i have it too, and when i'm done i'll let you know!

i also got this book

which has some reall fun and easy projects in it that i think will be really cool to make! so i am excited about that too! what a great day!

i hope all you mothers out there had a great day as well!


Lacey said...

That's awesome you got your book too! So that makes 3 so far...hopefully we can get it passed around and have everyone read it before June!!! Even if we don't finish the book, we need to have a night out before Mariley leaves.

Erika said...

Cool! I"m excited to see the fun sewing projects you do. I still want to see the pattern of that sling you had Avery in. I want one :-)

rachel said...

Happy Mother's Day!! I am glad that you had a great one!

Hatsuho said...

Yay for Bend the Rules Sewing! I need to revisit that book.

Audrey said...

I can't get my bobbin to work right on my sewing machine. When we're finally not sick at my house, will you please come and visit and have a looksie? I feel so lame about this, but I did everything the manual said about four times and then I was on the verge of swearing, so I had to stop and do something else.

JenW said...

good thing you stopped when you did audrey, i'd be happy to help.