avery is finally getting a tooth...whew! it really started to come in on sunday, but saturday it was brewing for sure, because she was up a lot in the night. needless to say she is very upset about how this process works but is getting more used to it, i think. she hasn't bit me yet, and really doesn't seem to want to let anyone touch it, so maybe that's good. that will probably wear off, but for now, i am happy that the days-away-from-9-months baby has gotten her first tooth...on the bottom, left.


Erika said...

You are a lucky duck. My days-away-from-8-months baby has 5. 3 on top, 2 on bottom. YUCK.
Havent' been bitten yet though either...which is the hugest blessing ever!!!
Congrats Avery!!!

Jackie said...

I have heard that girls tend to take longer to get first teeth. That's weird. Mia didn't get any for a long time either and then it seemed like they all came in in droves. Best wishes for days to come!

And, congrats on the new bed. I did exactly what they didn't want people to do...pay off credit card stuff. But, that means that by the end of this month, we will be debt free! Well, aside from some left on the car, and a little (haha) left on the house. But, that's a good feeling too. We have a ton on our wish list now, though. I wish we could have another wedding reception at five years...everything just really starts to wear out all at once after 5 years, don't you think?