there are some things that are so inexplicable to me that i can't even get my head around it.

one of them is what lurks in the mind of an almost 3 year old someone who lives in my house.

a few examples:
-he regularly screams in the car for no reason, just not making any noise and then BAM! screaming...why? usually avery is trying to sleep. nice.

-yesterday we went to the grocery store, i can now do that alone with two children, but by the time we leave everyone within a 3 mile radius knows his name...anyway, he likes to play this game...it's called running down the aisles, which frankly i don't mind because he needs to get some energy out and when we go it's not usually crowded...get to the point jen...well i've almost got him trained to wait at the end of the aisle for me, so he usually does, but this day he was running AND screaming down the aisle, causing some panic in our fellow shoppers. and that's the end of that story..anticlimatic, i know.

-we are at the checkout in wally world (wal-mart) and there are always these dog toys or baby toys, mostly dog toys, by the register he likes to play with and that's fine...no dogs have chewed them yet, so i'm trying to get all our groceries on the belt, keep avery content and watch ethan and it's going well. but suddenly out of the corner of my eye i see ethan holding a dog toy that looks like a small tire (about 8 inches round) on the end of a rope...and then it's not in his hands, but sailing over the division of the checkout lines, diagonally....so i go looking for it, and i say, "did anyone see a dog toy fly over here (really sounding stupid now)" "yeah," says a lady, " IT HIT ME IN THE HEAD"

what do you do in a situation like that? i mean really, i wanted to laugh and say, "Man the kid's got an arm!" but instead i said, "i am so sorry", hauled ethan over to apologize and had him put the toy away and then talked to him about why we have to be careful and not throw things in the store. and now i look like the young mom who can't keep her kids from acting like zoo animals...great.

avery is doing very well, she's discovered the delights of pasta and grapes, she loves them. i can see this becoming a trend. still no teeth but she gets by. she is crawling like crazy and now has started really trying to pull herself up on you and anything that will be still long enough for her to get her feet under her. so that's fun:)

on the odd chance you are still reading this very long post about my children, ethan is now obsessed with 101 dalmations, which he has seen all of 1 time but we do have a book that we read about 12 times a day. he is always talking about Cruella, Horace and Jasper, and the dalmation puppies. all of his pretending revolves around them right now and we have all been trying to be puppies and run away from the scary Cruella.


Hatsuho said...

Heehee, I know these things probably aren't funny to you when it happens, but it's fun to read about!!

Jackie said...

Okay, I'm so sorry, but that story about Ethan is hilarious! Only because it didn't happen to me, of course. I was at Wally World the other day with Mia who is about 95% potty trained. She had spent the entire time whining to go home 'cause it was nap time and I dragged her at the end of other errands to get some shopping done. Then, I got all my stuff on the belt and she tells me she has to go "poop." So, I desperately ask the checker if I can just run and take her real quick. We went as fast as we could, but there were 4 new people in line by the time we got back who kept asking whose stuff that was. I got back just in time to hear a lady say with a very annoyed voice, "some lady who had to take her kid to the bathroom." Bummer! You do what you have to do. Good aim, though, Ethan.

Emily said...

I love stories like that. It makes me feel like I'm not the only one with a crazy 3 year old!

rachel said...

Ya know Jen. Your just a good mom. Any other person would have just ignored the whole situation in the store with Ethan and looked the other way. Way to go on your moral victories. Someday I am going to figure out how to take my children into a store by myself. I am afraid to after the last two tantrums. You never know when it's going to be "one of those trips" ya know. Just to let you know your my hero.