Visit to My Brother's house...

my brother and family live in the bay area...San Ramon, in CA and i thought that since i hadn't seen them in about a year and they hadn't seen avery in that long...we'd go visit after the wedding, so saturday, early we flew out to oakland and visited with Nathan and Rebecca and their two boys, Cannon and Collin (i didn't get any pictures with cannon...he is so cute!)

we had such a great time, we went to a book sale at the library and got amazing books for $.50 and $1.00. we went to a parade, avery really liked that, had fantastic crepes, gourmet hot chocolate (it's cooler there...see other places actually do this season called "fall" i think arizona should look into that:))
we went shopping at H&M, had more good food, went to church, i saw The Devil Wears Prada and Mr. McGorium's Wonder Emporium for the first time...it was a great trip! avery did really really well and the boys really liked her, i think:) thanks for having us Nathan and Becky, it was so much fun!

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