the wedding...

so my friend Nikki is married! (yay!!!) here are a few pics of the joyous occasion...what a bummer though, nikki EXTREMELY sprained her foot 3 weeks before the wedding and she was still having trouble with it and had to wear some more practical shoes than the pretty pretty ones she had picked out for her wedding day...she still looked amazing though!

Avery and I waiting outside the temple:

Avery and Megan (my friend Amber's daughter), these girls are exactly 3 months apart, people kept asking us if they were twins....then who is the mom?

shoes shoes shoes....

which one is mine?????

pretty princess: she looked so lovely!

all the ladies:


we had a great time, and i hope that she knows how much we all love her!


Audrey said...

Jen, you look so cute in that picture with Avery. So cute!

Hatsuho said...

hooray for pictures! you look great with your longer hair!

Lacey said...

Love all the pictures...and her colors were so pretty! Glad the bows worked out, the girls look so cute!

rachel said...

This looks like a BLAST!! Jen you deserve a fun treat! You do so much for people you are loved by so many I hope you know that!