our little friends here are sick...not really contagious as far as i can tell (except that both of them have gotten it) but the rest of us haven't. ethan had a cough for a couple of days and then it got worse. he might have had a low grade fever. now his cough is loose and in his chest but controllable and doesn't keep him up at night, which it did a few nights ago. enter avery, who is very ambitious at just about everything, and she gets a cough just as ethan is starting to come down off his, and now she's keeping us up nights and early mornings, because she's still little and doesn't know how to help herself, of course. so we haven't been getting super a lot of sleep. it's a cunumdrum (how do you spell that word?), because at the same time you feel like you want to go to sleep at 8:30 and sleep as much as you can, right this minute, you know she is going to wake up in about 30 seconds with coughing or just agitation because she does have a fever that isn't super high but is, just the same....so here i am...wanting to sleep but not sure if i really do because i'll just have to get up. does that make sense? crazy. so hopefully she'll come out of this soonly and be back to her regularly scheduled crazy-haired girlness.

she has learned to say "no" and for all that it is defiant...it is super cute:)

ethan is in love with kung fu panda (i may have mentioned this before) but he spouts of random quotes from it all the time, so funny! he also gets a kick out of asking avery," hey avery can i talk to you for a minute?" and hearing her proclaim, "NO!" apparently i am not the only one who thinks it is cute:)

so i think we'll be fine if we can all get some sleep. we went to surprise for a couple of days and had a fabulous time with the grandparents. we went to the wildlife zoo..which now has a stunning aquarium..very cool, but also pricey, so thank you nana kay and papa jerry for taking us and enjoying it with us:)

so the small ones are coughing but okay:)


Jackie said...

We have a fever at our house too. Mia was slightly sick for a few days, but then yesterday, she was especially tired and lethargic. During lunch she just sat there; she wouldn't even pick up her food. I started feeling really bad for her because she's the same girl that NEVER sits still. Even though some days I crave the mellowness from her, I knew it was wrong yesterday. Sure enough 102.7. Poor kids.

Jackie said...

PS We watched Kung Fu Panda a couple weeks ago and then the kids wanted to be Po. They kind of argued over who would be Po and then Nate said, "Maybe one of you should be Kung Fu Pando Po and the other one should be Po from Teletubbies. I'd like to see that one go down." Doesn't that just create such a funny mental picture?